1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    This is such a subtle song, it’s lead being a mandolin, played quietly, with a banjo, even quieter, and a stand up stringed bass just barely thumping in the back. and a voice just barely there, backed by drums played with brushes, and a haunting harmonica, is still incredibly enticing to listen to.
    Makes you want to listen to it, difficult lyrics (volume, delivery, and content), just add to the mystique of why you would want to wait around to die.
    It’s worth at least three replays, just to discern some of the subtleties you missed the fourth time around.

  2. says

    It’s a well known Townes Van Zandt song:

    Sometimes I don’t know where
    This dirty road is taking me
    Sometimes I can’t even see the reason why
    I guess I keep a-gamblin’
    Lots of booze and lots of ramblin’
    It’s easier than just waitin’ around to die

    One time, friends, I had a ma
    I even had a pa
    He beat her with a belt once ’cause she cried
    She told him to take care of me
    Headed down to Tennessee
    It’s easier than just waitin’ around to die

    I came of age and I found a girl
    In a Tuscaloosa bar
    She cleaned me out and hit in on the sly
    I tried to kill the pain, bought some wine
    And hopped a train
    Seemed easier than just waitin’ around to die

    A friend said he knew
    Where some easy money was
    We robbed a man, and brother did we fly
    The posse caught up with me
    And drug me back to Muskogee
    It’s two long years I’ve been waitin’ around to die

    Now I’m out of prison
    I got me a friend at last
    He don’t drink or steal or cheat or lie
    His name’s Codeine
    He’s the nicest thing I’ve seen
    Together we’re gonna wait around and die
    Together we’re gonna wait around and die

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