1. blf says

    The day here started a bit off as well. For one thing, the sun was still out when I got up. And let’s not mention the mildly deranged you-know-who, shall we? Let’s just not.

    The day then turned into a time-sink when I stumbled on this video, Tanz mit mir (Fraun duett mit Santiano), and then spent much of the day listening to both bands.

    Hopefully where-ever you wandered off to also turned out enlightening, enjoyable, and didn’t mention the mildly deranged one.

  2. says

    I did some very silly drawing, and I’m heading off to retire with the first couple of Witcher books, recommended by Charly. Your time sink sounds enjoyable.

  3. Raucous Indignation says

    I’ve had OMD and the like playing in my office throughout much of the day. Too busy to really listen, alas.

  4. says

    :D I really have to take him out at night, with both UV flashlights to get a proper shot. Some colours my Nikon refuses to acknowledge, and purple is the main one, it always comes out blue.

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