1. says

    Thank you! A compleat accident, this. I was leaning in to get something else, happened to look down, and there was Hopper.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    Caine, how does one get decent photos of the little creatures? I was at one of my flowering plants that had three different species of bee and one other flying creature (tiny wasp? flying species of black ant?) simultaneously collecting nectar. Did I send photos? I did not. Sadly after 20 minutes of photographing I had to delete them all. The only one in focus was of a bee’s ass.

  3. says

    Oh, I get bee arses all the time. Can’t speak to anyone else, but I’m usually running my 18-135mm lens, and zoom it out until just before it would lose focus, make sure I’m focused, then click. I have no idea if you’re using a phone, I don’t have a phone with a camera in.

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