1. says

    Ah, Veronica chamaedrys. A lovely tiny flower, but also an extremely difficult weed. I too have made a few pictures of these, but after spending two months trying to keep them under control among my vegetables I became rather grumpy towards them.

    We have a superstition bound with this flower. That is, as children we had one at our kindergarten, I am not aware whether it was our local peculiarity, or whether it is wide sperad. One of coloquial names of the flower is “bouřka” which means storm. And the superstition believed at our kindergarten went that to pluck or otherwise disturb these flowers would bring about a stromy weather.

  2. rq says

    Interesting! I’ve never heard that superstition here. Incidentally, there’s two varieties here -- the first photo is a fuzzy variety previously beloved here on Affinity, the rest are a non-fuzzy variety.

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