1. kestrel says

    What a beauty. But look out, Lofty! He’s going to get you! :-D

    These sound like totally enchanting lizards to have around. I was amazed to read that they can become acclimated to humans fairly easily.

  2. rq says

    Sure scared me, little fella!!! :D
    Nice captures, Lofty, hope your camera arm wasn’t shaking too much from the fright!

  3. says

    Aach, the poor wee monster was less than pleased that the Eye Of Kodak descended from the sky and interrupted its sunbaking onna rock. It made me feel all paparazzi when it told me to pisss offff.

  4. says

    Toes? I have plenty, don’t seem to have lost any lately. That’s probably because I don’t paint my nails to look like snails, the lizard’s favourite food.

  5. kestrel says

    Comment #7: Now THERE is a great fashion idea… painting your toes to resemble snails…

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