1. stellatree says

    I’m going to see this next week, and I never bother seeing movies in the theater. I was afraid to be excited about it. So glad it’s turned out awesome! Lynda Carter’s WW was my everything as a little girl. I even had the underoos ;-)

  2. says

    Stellatree, it’s amazing. Truly. I don’t imagine there’s a man anywhere who feels the same way any woman does watching it, they just wouldn’t get it. They’ve had all the heroes, always. Not this time.

  3. stellatree says

    Your recommendation counts for a lot! It has been so touching to read and hear what Wonder Woman means to women and girls of all ages. I’m really glad we’re finally getting this movie.

  4. says


    Can you tell me why they switched it from WWII to WWI?

    No, I can’t, and I don’t care why it was changed. That’s what I mean -- if people want to get hung up about differences from this run of comics, that run of comics, what is canon, what isn’t, I do not care. Go for it, but leave the movie out of it, because a need to nitpick utterly misses what this movie means to most women.

    I won’t even read most men’s summary/reviews, because their compleat obliviousness is fucking painful. After reading PZ’s, and suffering a near-fatal eyeroll, I won’t read any more of them. The men just don’t get it, and you know, that’s fine, they can still enjoy it, and get into massive debates about it, but I’d rather not be involved.

    I want to be left to revel in the sheer joy of having a woman be front and center, independent, intelligent, feeling, and not talked or acted over by this, that, and the other man. I’ve been waiting my whole damn life for this movie, and I just want the joy of it.

    I’m not sure why you’d even ask the question, because the movie is not going to address such things, so why would I know?

  5. rq says

    Can you tell me why they switched it from WWII to WWI?

    The internet is a wide and mysterious place, and I have actually seen this question addressed in at least 2 places, in ways that made sense. Go forth and seek ye the answers!
    Also, does it actually matter?

    Going on Sunday. *thumbs up*

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