“She’ll Cut Your Pee-Pee Off.”

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Wayne Allyn Root is at it again, this time with a dire warning about liberal cat lovers. Well, liberal cat lovers who happen to be women. I guess the liberal cat lovers who are men are okay. Wayne seems to think that liberal cat ladies are all penis whackers. Hackers? Slicers? Dicers? Something.

Root was ranting about a federal contractor who was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to a news outlet when he went off on a tangent about how liberal women who own cats are all insane.

Hmmm. So, if I say all 55+ white men who have radio programs are insane, that would be okay? Cool.

“Find me a woman who is a feminist and a liberal and likes cats and I will find you someone who ought to be in an insane asylum every single time,” Root bellowed. “Hey guys, if any of you out there are single and you ever meet a woman who admits to being a liberal and hating Trump and when you get to her house, she’s got cats, run for your life. Run, run, run. Like those ads in Britain, run and hide and tell other men to run and hide.”

I’m a feminist. I’m a liberal. I’m a woman. I have cats, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I like them. I like some of them. I’m not the cat person in the family, I’m more on the dog and rat side. Most of the time, I’m fairly sure I don’t belong in an insane asylum, but we all have our days, do we not, Wayne? I’m thinking you might benefit from a quiet time out.

“No man can ever live with a liberal woman with cats,” he continued. “She’ll cut your pee-pee off, I promise you. Liberals are mentally unstable and mentally insane. They’re unhinged.”

I’m certainly not as unhinged as you are, you inflamed asspimple. I’ve lived with my partner for 40 years, and his penis remains intact. I know, amazing, ennit? Personally, I think anyone who goes on a radio show, no matter how little, and starts ranting about women cutting “pee-pees” off is somewhere in the lunatic fringe region. By the way, Wayne, the word is penis. It’s okay, you can use it.

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  1. Allison says

    I was thinking, “well, in your case …,” but then I realized: what would be the point in cutting this guy’s “pee-pee” off, anyway? He’d still be doing his aggressive nonsense.

    If you were going to cut something off in the (probably vain) hope of getting him to think more calmly, wouldn’t the two organs very close by to it be better candidates? (I mean it works on cattle, right? Though you do have to do it a lot younger….)

    Men and their obsession with their genitals. Sheesh!

  2. says

    Yes, I think castration would probably be the better technical move, but men rarely seem to consider their testicles. It’s all about the pee-pee.

  3. johnson catman says

    What comes to mind for me is an old Cheech & Chong bit about something happening in a courtroom. At one point, the judge instructs the bailiff to “Whack his pee-pee” regarding a defendant.

    I guess I am the crazy cat lady in our house. Guys can be cat ladies too. At least, that is the title of the book that my wife gave me for my birthday. I am pretty liberal too, but I have never had the urge to cut off any “pee-pees”. I could easily be persuaded to whack Root upside the head though (in a fair cage match that he has asked for, of course).

  4. stellatree says

    Maybe Root mistook Hothead Paisan for a real person?
    Fragile masculinity is a hell of a drug.

  5. Bruce says

    Root whines about people who he feels are “mentally insane”. I guess he guesses we don’t need to worry about people who are non-mentally insane. What could that even mean?

  6. Curious Digressions says

    Wayne Allyn Root, you have my sincere thanks for your helpful advice. If you encourage even (1) one of your horrible fans to, “Run, run, run [away from me]…run and hide and tell other men to run and hide”, I greatly appreciate the service. I’d rather not have to use my own energy to tell them to go away.

    Mind you, it’s not enough to encourage me to get cats, but they don’t know that. Bwahahaha.

    Also, I don’t want to be near enough to your or their (say it with me) penis to cut it off. Someone’s insecurities are showing.

  7. DonDueed says

    In Root’s case, the most effective amputation would be that of the tongue.

  8. The Mellow Monkey says

    To be fair, while dealing with urinary obstruction problems with an older male cat we did consider if surgery would improve quality of life for the poor boy.

    The surgery is done typically between the scrotum and the rectum. … Your veterinarian will have to dissect surrounding tissues until the urethra is exposed, and then will make an incision in the urethra and the penis. The surgeon will suture the edges of the urethra to the edges of the skin incision to create a wide urethral opening. … After healing, the surgical area has a good cosmetic result. Recognize that the urine stream will no longer be oriented through the end of the penis (which has been removed), instead the cat will void across the surgical opening.

    And while it can, I’m pretty sure Root is a human, not a cat.

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