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    Oh, you are so not helping the amount of envy going on over here. I love the photo, everything surrounding the sculpture seems tailor made to highlight the Sun Voyager, the sweep and colour of the clouds, everything.

  2. rq says

    I recommend staying there. Sure, it gets a bit chilly in winter, but what’s not to love about snow, hot springs and a volcano or two? I hear they have really cute horses, too. (I have yet to visit Iceland myself, so this is all second-hand information, mmkay?)

    I love the photo and the mood/atmosphere that you’ve captured so perfectly. I’m glad you’re having a good time, safe travels home!

    everything surrounding the sculpture seems tailor made to highlight the Sun Voyager

    I do think the Sun Voyager was designed to fit these stunning surroundings, and if this is your comment, the artist(s) have succeeded beyond all success! ;)

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    I adore the largeness of a lot of Icelandic sculpture, it’s not only large in idea and scope, it draws in the largeness of the landscape, creating a focal point that expands outward. It’s amazing work.

  4. rq says

    Yes, the way outdoor art should be: integrated with and as an accent to the natural surroundings, like you say, the focal point. Icelandic art does it well, extremely well. The entire scene is a glorious fusion of anthropogenic and natural beauty complementing each other.

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    Yes, and Saad’s photo captures that beautifully. Saad is so excellent when it comes to capturing the atmospheric.

  6. kestrel says

    The sculpture is incredibly beautiful but the photo is just amazing. Really captures the whole feel of the place.

  7. Saad says

    Thanks, everyone!

    What a magnificent place to be. We came back yesterday and it feels like a dream that we were even there. We didn’t get to go to the highlands because the F-roads are closed until the summer, but driving around the island alone gives you more to do and see than you can fit in a few days.

    As for the photo, at first I was just snapping away shots from different angles. Then I found this angle that isolated the boat and only had the mountains in the background, making it look like something out in the middle of nowhere. So I thought I’d go for an ethereal look and went for a long exposure. I decided on a 3 minute exposure to capture the movement in the clouds and make the water look silky and still. A nice unintentional effect of such a long exposure is that any light that is cast down by the sun through the moving clouds gets captured and almost has a light-painting type of effect (like on parts of the boat and the lower left corner).

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    So I thought I’d go for an ethereal look and went for a long exposure.

    The right decision, and executed beautifully! Glad you traveled safely.

  9. StevoR says

    Iceland -- auroras, glaciers, volcanoes and so much more. I’d love to go there one day.

    Pity its such a long flight away from Oz -- talk about antipodes here.

    Oh & love this statute and photo too. Superb artwork.

  10. rq says

    Isn’t there a travel photo of the year competition open somewhere right now? You should think about submitting!

  11. Saad says

    Yeah, I’m planning on submitting a few of them to the Nat Geo contest (that Galapagos trip would be a dream come true!) and a few other smaller ones here and there.

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