Rotten Peaches.


Giulio Bernardi

There are reasons some white people are seriously disliked, like oh…being a fucking Nazi. Even non-Nazis, when white and hetero, can be the most oblivious, obnoxious assholes, with their heads buried so far up their privilege they may as well be blind. That tends to put people off. White people can’t become a minority fast enough for me. More Turtle Island, less America. That’s a good thing. As I’ve often said, if some white people are in such an uproar over uStates not being white enough, fine, there are options: emigrate. Go buy an unoccupied island. Whatever, move, leave, go found Naziland and be happy forever, far removed from decent people.

Spencer’s whine goes on for a while, combined with a desperation laced insistence that he and his Nazi buds are the thing, oh yes they are! All the young white dudes just love him! If there’s amusement to be found, it’s in the fact that Spencer was thrilled to be at CPAC, noting that no one was punching him. It didn’t take long, after his being escorted out for him to start trash talking CPAC. CPAC is deserving of trash talk, but not from Nazi Spencer, whose increasing desire to be another Adolf is becoming a an umbrous stench wrapped around his ankles and tripping him up at every turn.

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  1. says

    “I think everyone recognizes that there has to be identity politics in the world, that we — white people define the United States — that we’re now experiencing an increasing minority status. And in terms of the wider culture and institution, we are, in fact, kind of a hated group.

    Makes himself more hated, complains about being hated.
    I think I see the problem here.

    Maybe if he’d stop being such a hateful nazi jackass, he’d be less hated, and then he wouldn’t have people wanting to punch him. Hell, just listening to that whining sound he’s making is enough to make me reach for my brass knuckles.

  2. says

    Dude, you ain’t being hated for being white, you’Re being hated for being a Nazi.

    All their whining about whites becoming a minority is just a thinly veiled complaint that young white women* have the audacity to fuck who they like and have kids should they want to with whom they want to and that someone is not them.

    *While white women as such had a huge role in electing Trump it was mainly the Boomers. Those young white dudes are all the rage about Trump and Spencer and who have you not, but the women they want to fuck, not so much.

  3. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    They want to learn about ideas whose time has come and not whose time has passed.

    Fascism! It’s such a new and vibrant idea!
    It’s actually kind of funny, someone who wants to drag the world back to the thirties complaining about how backward the people who want to drag it back to the fifties are. Like, no -- you’re actually worse than them! They’re pretty shit, and I am not a fan by any measure, but I’m gonna have to defend them against the claim that they’re more out of touch with reality than you are.

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