1. says

    In Czech these are known as “crusader spiders” for obvious reasons. They are beatifull yet terrifying to me at the same time (and I do not have arachnophobia).

  2. blf says

    Ah, the smallish type which is only about the size of car (as per last photograph). Not too dangerous as long as you keep ’em fed. What is a bit alarming is the size of bugs they snack on…

  3. StevoR says

    Suggestion : Try taking a photo of the web and spider within at night. Got a massive orb spider web at my place which I'[ve nearly stumbled into a few mornings and eves -and photographs at night (point & shoot camera w flash) made it light up and turn out rather spectacularly. Spider becomes a blob but the web shows up well and luminous -- and captured for an eye-blink in the flash like lightning.

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