Pants, Pants, Pants.


© C. Ford.

Marcus wanted to know what was on the flip side, and this is it for now. The pants must be finished today, to be worn into town tomorrow. That ought to be fun – I’ll be at the pain clinic, which is, naturally, mostly populated by older people who listen to Fox news in the waiting room at a deafening level. Must remember headphones…


  1. AlexanderZ says

    Suggestions (nothing original, but all good):
    No pasaran!
    Hasta la victoria siempre!
    Ni dieu, Ni maitre
    Eat the Rich
    Good night, White pride/Atl-right
    Smash the Fash
    (…and other Antifa slogans)

  2. AlexanderZ says

    I wrote this before clicking the final picture of the pants. I think they look great already. I really like how you combined the colors, and, of course the slogans!

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