McCrory Defeated. Updated.


In a tiny bright spot, McCrory was defeated, and that means the rollback of HB2. Thanks to all those North Carolinians who voted their sense of right, and gave McCrory a very well deserved boot to the arse.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Democrat Roy Cooper was ahead by just a few thousand votes. Cooper has 2,280,398 votes compared to 2,276,059 for McCrory.

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina issued a late-night news release elaborating on their win.

“We are confident that once the results are certified, Roy Cooper’s victory will be confirmed,” they wrote. “By electing Roy Cooper their next governor, North Carolinians have sent a powerful message across their state and this country that the days of anti-LGBTQ politicians targeting our community for political gain are over. While McCrory may have been surprised by the overwhelming opposition in this state and across the country to his discriminatory politics, the same will not be true for lawmakers who are considering doubling down on anti-LGBTQ extremism in the future. This is a wake-up call.”

Via The Advocate.

UPDATE: McCrory refuses to concede.


  1. johnson catman says

    I helped with that! Unfortunately, NC voted for The Orange One and kept Dickhead Burr as a senator. I just cannot believe that this country wanted a sociopath for president, with a topping of a theocrat for vice-president. Along with the republican congress, the rights of everyone who is not a cis, het, white male will be diminished. I has a sad!

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