Praise the Lord and Pass the Bleach.


The title should probably be “Praise Mankind and Pass the Bleach”, as Genesis II is quite the scam, and goes to some length to explain that they aren’t really a god type church, but a to serve mankind church. They do this via MMS, Master Mineral Solution, and yes, of course it cures every possible ill. You can read about mixing a basic dose here, and yes, chlorine dioxide gas. So healthy, that. They’ve made the news once again, for selling Autism miracle cure kits. As if kids with autism don’t have enough to deal with, here, drink this bleach.

By playing off the fears of parishioners looking for an answer to autism, which may have impacted them or a loved one, the church was able to sell millions of its “miracle cure” kits worldwide.

“This is a high-strength industrial bleach. It really scares me that people would give this to their kids because it is a poison,” Dr. Paul Wang, the senior president of Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization in the United States that has been a source of funding directed towards the causes and treatment of autism, told ABC News. “You can’t blame any parent for wanting to help their child. In this case, we just want to make sure that everybody understands MMS (the Church’s chemical solution) is not a cure.”


Its [Genesis II / MMS] creator Jim Humble, a man who calls himself an archbishop and claims to have come to Earth from another galaxy, introduced his first of four books about the supposed healing solution titled “Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium” and published in 2010.


Because it is illegal to sell similar false cures under federal law, Humble moved to Mexico to avoid being convicted like other officials from the objectively eccentric church have been already.

Louis Daniel Smith sold bottles of the same “cure” online for $9.99 in Spokane, Washington under a company called “Project Greenlife” from 2007-2011. He was found guilty on five federal counts, including “introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce with intent to defraud or mislead,” and sentenced to 51 months in prison in October 2015, according to the United States Department of Justice.

Though Smith was not a member of the church, Genesis II supporters came to his aid by providing emotional support and raising money for his legal defense online.

Full story here.


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    Yes, I was thinking someone missed that episode, but the man who started all this nonsense, Jim Humble, claims to be an extraterrestial…

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