NO DAPL: Water Protectors Needed!

Courtesy Rob Wilson Photography.

Courtesy Rob Wilson Photography.

Sarah Sunshine Manning highlights and details the need for more water protectors to make their way to the camps.

On October 18, water protectors called for reinforcements as the Dakota Access construction is quickly closing in on the Missouri River in North Dakota.

Water protectors, skilled in non-violent direct action, should plan to make their way to Standing Rock as quickly as you can get here.

This massive call-to-action is endorsed by more than 10 groups, including the Indigenous Peoples Power Project (IP3), The Ruckus Society, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor The Earth, the Oceti Sakowin Camp, the Sacred Stone Camp, West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative, Ancestral Pride, Digital Smoke Signals, Greenpeace USA, and The Other98.

“If we’re going to beat the pipeline, we’re going to need more people,” Nick Tilsen, Oglala Lakota, and co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples Power Project, told me.

An informational video was released in accompaniment with the joint-statement made by the groups with the title, “Warriors Wanted.”

“We’re asking for reinforcements to come stand with us, to pray, and to protect,” Tilsen said. “Of all the times to take action, the time is now.”

On October 22, water protectors in the camps reported that Dakota Access construction was just a few miles from the camp, and approximately 5 miles from the Missouri River.


In another Facebook video posted by Mark K. Tilsen, Oglala Lakota from Porcupine, South Dakota, Tilsen delivered a poignant message to allies across the globe:

“I’m asking you to come to Standing Rock,” he said. “Follow local leadership, but you will be given autonomy to choose your actions, and how you choose to creatively stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Please. Come to Standing Rock.”

Mark Tilsen has been stationed at the Oceti Sakowin camp for the past two months, also assisting in non-violent direct action trainings.

“We need help. We need bodies on the ground,” said Tilsen. “We need people here who are dedicated and willing. This is not a tourist action. This is not a party. We’re here to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Thank you.”

There’s much more here, including a video about strip searching protesters who were arrested for disorderly conduct. This is an obvious tactic on the part of the Keystone cops here to humiliate those who dare to protect the earth and water. Even Chairman Archambault was subjected to this.

In other NO DAPL news:

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All via ICTMN.


  1. says

    mdbsnc, I would like to see, demonstrated with data from at least a few past cases, what is the correct way? I mean, you are surely well informed in this issue and not just some opinionated asshole on the internet, right? Educate us all, we are agog. (/sarcasm)

    Lakota negotiated and signed treaties with US government. That did not work out, they were (and still are, despitpe never being annuled) subsequently ignored whenever it suited the US.
    They fought a war with US government over those treaties. That did not work out, they lost and as it goes, history is written by victors so they were vilified for decades afterwards and it took a long time for their perspective being at least somewhat recognized as valid.
    Now they are trying lawfull, peacefull protest and legal proceedings. They won a few court cases over the years. But you just know that is the wrong option in this case. I wonder whether you think that, because they are inconveniencing white people whilst doing so.

    So what is the correct option? What options are left?

  2. rq says

    are you going about this the wrong way

    I’m assuming you’ve been going about it the right way and have some advice to share? … Yes…? Perhaps some success stories from your own vast experience?

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