Sunday Facepalm.

Facebook has done it again, in their ongoing mania regarding [female] breasts, and those oh-so-forbidden nipples. Cancerfonden, a Swedish cancer charity, posted an animated video, showing how to perform breast exams. This is very important knowledge, and it is something everyone should know, as well as do. When it comes to something like breast exams, pamphlets aren’t always the best way of instruction, especially compared to video. A video can be viewed privately, and played as many times as needed. Well, unfortunately for Cancerfonden, the nipple nazis of facebook wouldn’t allow it. As per usual, it took a very long time for Cancerfonden to get through to someone to explain. FB did uncensor the video, but really, you get the feeling they didn’t want to do it. In an absolutely brilliant move, Cancerfonden went square:


After Cancerfonden’s video was taken down, the organization responded with an open letter in which it proposed a different depiction of the cartoon breasts, composed entirely of squares.

“After trying to meet your control for several days without success, we have now come up with a solution that will hopefully make you happy: Two pink squares!” the letter reads. “This can not possibly offend you, or anyone. Now we can continue to spread our important breast school without upsetting you.”

Lena Biornstad, communications director for Cancerfonden, tells the AFP that it is “incomprehensible and strange how one can perceive medical information as offensive,” adding: “This is information that saves lives.”

The Verge has the full story.


  1. blf says

    As the Grauniad points out, the glitch was that “The breast cancer video was an advertisement, however, and was governed by a separate set of policies [than the user policy (I cannot link directly to the nudity policy)]. Still, Facebook said that the advertisement’s prohibition was a mistake.”

  2. says

    Yeah, the thing is, I don’t believe anything coming from FB. They have fucked up and lied so much, there’s no reason to believe anything they come up with.

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