This wonderful piece of artwork was brought to my attention by Daz, and I’m so grateful. This was done in 1536. Makes you want to smile, doesn’t it? Makes me laugh, because I think we’ve all had at least one “OGNI HOMO ME GUARDA COME FOSSE UNA TESTA DE CAZI (Every man looks at me as if I were a dickhead)” moment in our lives.

Artists, no matter when they were active, never cease to delight me. If there’s one thing to be sorry about in having a relatively short life, it’s that I won’t be around to see all the delightful artwork which will abound in the future. The importance of art cannot be underestimated, this is vital to us, to our humanity. It’s often quite good for fostering and embracing rebellion, too, even the tiny ones.


  1. rq says

    I will admit it took me a while to figure out if the head was made of poo or penises, but either answer would have satisfied me.
    As it is, I’m starting to think that people were a lot less prudish in the olden days, because there’s so much dirty art and humour showing up.
    Then again, maybe it’s just the universal appeal of toilet humour that lets it survive. :D

  2. stellatree says

    I was looking to see if this was influenced by Arcimboldo, but it predates his paintings by 30-40 years. I wonder if he ever saw this?

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