I’m a car salesman.



Abusive social media users have established a code to allow them to bypass censorship tools put in place to prevent online abuse.

The code swaps commonly blocked or monitored words with supposedly harmless ones. For example “gay (men)” is replaced with “butterfly” and “liberals” with “car salesman”.

Internet giants such as Google and Twitter have fought hard to create filtering systems that spot and block abusive posts. For example, Google has an artificial intelligence program that can filter out and automatically block abuse and harassment.

In a seemingly direct attempt to fight the companies, the abusive code includes swapping racist and offensive words for “Google”, “Yahoo” and “Skype”.

The code seems to have originated on message board site 4chan, which is often described as the dark side of the internet. On a channel about Google’s Jigsaw program that tackles abuse, someone commented that the system couldn’t block them if they used “a common word in place of something racist, like if they started using ‘google’ instead of ‘n*****’.”

The full list can be seen here.

Via The Telegraph.


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