Box of Joy, Part 1.

I have received wondrous things! First, from Kestrel, an absolutely amazing amount of DMC Perle 3. I don’t use a lot of perle, because it’s more expensive, and what I do have is 5, which is considerably smaller. So, next major project will need to be Perle 3 based, I think. I have not yet pulled them all out, counted, sorted, or anything else. I’m still a bit busy picking my jaw up here. Thank you so much, Kestrel!




  1. blf says

    For anyone else trying to make sense of the OP, I ran “DMC Perle 3” through an online translator (not entirely sure now what the original and target languages were, it probably doesn’t matter). It said “DMC Perle 3”.

    I then tried looking up “DMC”. Whilst there were a few hits, nothing seemed too appropriate.

    Try “Perle” then. Ah! A clew: “Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll and released in 1978, Perle is a cross between Northern Brewer and 63/5/27M. It is tolerant to most diseases and is grown in both Germany and the United States. Perle is known for adding a traditional, German-like quality to beer.”

    “DMC” then probably stands for something like Deutsch Malt Company.

    Ergo, it seems to be about a home brewing kit, or at least some of the ingredients.

  2. says

    Tsk. DMC is a French company.

    Il y a de cela plus de 250 ans, en 1746, l’art et le commerce s’unissent à l’initiative de Jean-Henri DOLLFUS, qui fonde une co-entreprise avec deux autres jeunes entrepreneurs Jean-Jacques SCHMALZER et Samuel KOECHLIN. Profitant de l’engouement de l’époque pour les tissus peints et du talent artistique de Jean-Henri, ils deviennent les pionniers en Europe de la fabrication industrielle des imprimés indiens peints à la main.

    Par la suite et pendant de nombreuses années, l’entreprise se consacre à une seule activité: l’impression sur tissus. Les deux frères Jean-Henri et Jean DOLLFUS en assurent ensemble la direction.

  3. blf says

    DMC is a French company

    Ah! Perle Frog № 3 (as its known in France), or Grenouille Pearl № 3 (as it’s known in London), that’s the new name for Crunchy Frog.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    The last names of the founders are German, maybe they’re from Alsace-Lorraine (Elsaß-Lothringen) and/or they’re Jewish.

  5. says


    OH, yay! It got there safe! May you have much joy from it. :-)

    Thank you so much! I’m thinking I might use this to do the canopy on the tree quilt, different textures and all.

  6. The Mellow Monkey says

    Marcus Ranum

    All the colors!!!!!! I bet someone who’s synaesthetic would have fun with that!!!

    Why yes. Yes I am. :D

    Gorgeous box of goodies!


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