1. rq says

    For some reason, when I think of copper wire, I think of ‘obsolete’. When I was a child, my dad had stacks of it in the garage and we used to make bracelets and electrical projects and other colourful stuff. Have fun with it!

  2. Kengi says

    I’ve heard it can also be useful for channeling electrons from one place to another. Useful stuff to have around.

  3. Lofty says

    Casting a critical eye over that pile (I use a lot of electrical wire in my job) I see that it is all branded the same. My guess it’s from an appliance making factory and these are the ends of rolls fed into the production line.

  4. says

    Lofty, it is all the same, and not something we could use in any case. Every now and then, Rick helps a friend who flips various bits of real estate, clearing up, doing repairs and what not. This was salvaged from one of those places. He’s always salvaging something.

  5. Lofty says

    I just imagine an older factory worker who got retrenched when the factory closed and production went to China. This is his little stash of odds and ends being his only perk of being a small cog in a big machine.

    Or he bought it at the clearance auction. Who knows but I like to dream up different origin stories.

    With all those specs on the insulation it’s probably top quality stuff. Unlike some shit Chinese cable that a major Australian hardware shop chain imported for housing use. Turns out the insulation is unstable and therefore thousands of houses now have a significant fire risk. Some electrical companies conveniently went broke before having to replace the cheap crap wiring they put in. That’s outsourcing for you.

  6. says

    Chigau, it’s in the studio. Rats could not possibly care less about it -- you can’t jack on to unconnected wire.

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