1. rq says

    Such a tiny little ratlet!
    They’re both cute, this background colour really brings out their eyes. ;)

  2. says

    rq, Remy might be tiny, but he’s a little powerhouse. Headstrong, that one.

    Kengi, they do! Remy won’t be tiny for long, he’s discovered food.

  3. says

    Chigau, two. River was allowed to keep one baby, and Violette was allowed to keep one. Grace stole both of them though, and is the one who has been raising them. Violette got little Louis back at one point, I don’t know who the hell has him now. Even though Grandma nursed Remy, River likes seeing him all to herself now and then, but more as a sib. River is still such a little girl herself. River, Vala the Brave, and Chloe, my current trio of smart ass trouble makers.

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