Frog / Sour Cherry/ Cottonwood Seed

From D. Gregory, rq, and Kengi. Anyone know what the plant being cocooned by cotton is? Looks like a succulent to me. Cotton’s blowing here, too, making a mess all over.


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  1. Kengi says

    Hello there frog.

    The plant being ensconced in cotton is a rose bush of some kind. The roses bloomed a couple of weeks ago. The remnants of the flowers are still hanging on but looking pretty ragged now. We found the rose bush completely overgrown by weeds. After de-weeding, it stayed dead and leafless for a year so we cut it down to the ground and planned on digging it out. The next year it sprouted back like crazy and this year it bloomed.

  2. blf says

    That looks like one of the mildly deranged penguin’s early experiments in making Crunchy Cheese Calamari (inspired by Crunchy Frog). It didn’t go very well, the squid weren’t co-operative, the cheese eloped with the moar cheese (the escape plan, ironically enough, involved a frog puppet), and when she finally managed to get everything too stay still on the baking pan, the cookie-cutter insisted it was an artiste and had a tantrum. The precise connection with soured cotton cherries has never been completely clear, but is thought to be part of an attempt to pacify the cookie-cutter. Unfortunately, the only known surviving reliable witness, understood to be a severely traumatized rose bush, now just waves it petals in complex patterns.

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