Alex Magala

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The Moldovan-born performer of Britain’s Got Talent fame appeared on Ellen to show off his acrobatic sword-swallowing routine. Magala not only swallowed two different swords—a typical Western-looking blade and a katana—but also managed backflips and pole-dancing with the swords. Inside him. Because gay men everywhere just needed to be knocked down a peg—or 20.

Ellen asks what we’re all thinking. Why—just why?

“I’m from Moldova, it’s in Eastern Europe,” Magala says. “It’s a poor country, pretty much nothing to do.”

Out Story here.

I’d say something, but the screams are still echoing in my brain.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    a typical Western-looking blade and a katana

    Well, I guess Okinawa is “Western” if you’re actually in Japan -- that first blade looks like a sai if it looks like anything. And that second one has a katana handle on it for sure, but the blade is straight, double edged and a foot or more too short.

    I have to say -- the sword-swallowing skills are, for me, very much secondary to his pretty awesome Chinese pole skills. Again, calling that “pole dancing” is doing it a disservice.

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