Marriage Farm – Broken. For the moment.

If you click the link for the Let Them Marry Retreat, this is what you see (click image for full size):


Note: Contrary to vicious Internet rumors we do not support or In any way condone child sexual activity of any sort, child marriage, or any other illegal activity. Nor do we support or condone forced marriages. We believe that parents should NOT seek a spouse for a child where that child has not actively sought for the parents to do so.

Don’t think this has gone away, though. It’s just oozing underground. On this page, you see Note: The November Get Them Married Retreat has been cancelled. Below that though…

Let Them Marry ministries is dedicated to educating the church in regards to the Biblical path to marriage. The goal has always been that this information would transform the hearts and lives of our readers and that there would be a resurgence of young, fruitful, Godly marriages. The public persona of the ministry has always been theoretical and theological. At the same time, off the radar, dozens- even hundreds- of people, mostly one on one, have come to talk about the specifics of their case: how can they get married?  How can they get their children married?

We’re hoping to be able to get people together for some ‘get to know you’ retreats, allowing families to meet, greet, and, hopefully, result in marriages, but we’re still working on the details

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All this shit is going to carry on, they are  just going to be a bit more cautious about people finding out about it, and change some non-essentials, like ‘get to know you‘ rather than get them married, but it’s still going to be marriage farm. Looking over that little checklist, it would seem that women are good for one thing only – being auctioned married off and having those babies, babies, babies.

“The public persona of the ministry has always been theoretical and theological.” What the hell does that mean? Do they know what theoretical means? It wouldn’t seem so.


  1. Saad says

    Ohhh… I understand. That must be if it’s a mother or sister asking about her child or sibling. The “someone elses” must not be made visible.

    It’s like an e-burqa.

  2. Blattafrax says

    Catering for the genderfluid-former-teenage-mother-of-non-identical-twins market. Presumably…

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