1. rq says

    I love catching bees with my flowers. Somewhere I have a bee in a foxglove. I’ll have to find it.

  2. blf says

    I love catching bees with my flowers.

    Yeah, carnivorous plants are lots of fun. The really big ones — those that used fully-grown Brontosaurus as tooth-picks, for example — are a bit difficult to find. Died out mostly due to tooth decay, due to a lack of tooth-picks. The mildly deranged penguin says their cheese wasn’t very good either.

    Some of the best cheeses, she says, were from the mobile carnivorous plants. Apparently due to all that running / swimming / flying after prey… (Triffids, however, she says, had a weak runny cheese, vaguely yogurt-like, with an apparently awful taste, but this is hard to confirm since all known tasters got ate.)

    Nowadays, cows and goats and alligators and so on are fed dull boring plants, and are eventually turned into “cheese”. This is, of course, completely backwards: The cows and sheep and dull boring plants should be fed to omnivorous / carnivorous plants, from which Real Cheese™© is obtained.

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