When The Worms Turn

It appears that the tabloids are finally starting to turn on Trump.

That means that Trump’s electorate is going to be being exposed to the reality of his grand guignol presidency. Maybe it’ll eventually soak in.


  1. rblackadar says

    This is a rather surprising development, but I’m not sure I welcome it. Trump’s treason is not a face on Mars.
    People buy tabloids because they are fun, and perhaps because it’s exciting to consider whether the stories might be true. But from long experience most people know (at some level) not to accept tabloid stories as actual news, i.e. not as definite things that definitely happened. You buy a tabloid for a trip to fantasy land.
    In other words, if something appears in a tabloid, surely it’s safe to ignore it??

  2. says

    sez rblackadar @2: “…if something appears in a tabloid, surely it’s safe to ignore it??”

    Not for a while now—not since tabloid shit actually started becoming true.

  3. StonedRanger says

    @2 There is a reason why every grocery store in america has those rags for sale, because people eat that stuff up. Ive had plenty of relatives and old neighbors who where quite capable of voting who read those rags religiously and would defend the truth of them viciously. You couldnt convince them of their falseness no matter how hard you tried. Some people ignore em and some dont, its not a forgone conclusion.

  4. jrkrideau says

    Many may years ago I was in a small corner store where two women were discussing a tabloid story of how John F Kennedy was alive and living on an Onassis owed island in the Aegean. It was complete with a rather grainy picture of a man in a wheelchair being pushed by a woman in a white lab coat.

    One woman remarked to he other, ” I would not have believed it except for the picture”.

    A few years later the author explained in an article, in a reputable journal, that the lab coat & wheelchair were borrowed from friends, the man and woman in the photo were staff members and the picture was taken in Mount Royal Park in Montreal.

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    Tabloids love denigrating celebs, showing “shocking” pics of them w/o makeup, “you won’t guess what she weighs now!”, all the rest of that.

    This nonetheless must send an icy chill down Trump’s spine, as he surely viscerally understands that “coverage” perfectly correlates with a keen sense of has-beenism: otherwise, only for political reasons (see: Obama family, 10 years ago) do they launch attacks on rising stars, just the ones on that downward slope.

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