Oh, That’s Gonna Be Some Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI chief 2001 – 2013. This is the head of the FBI during the Bush administration’s torture program, when FBI agents were reporting that CIA practices were ‘potentially illegal’ and Mueller helped whitewash the whole thing.


FBI investigates

I guess Louis Freeh is still busy investigating Penn State’s locker rooms.


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    Pierce R. Butler@#4:
    I was horrified by Mueller’s willingness to completely ignore US and international law, to a degree that – in my opinion – made him part of the conspiracy to commit torture. He’s a bureaucratic drone of the worst kind: only interested in protecting his agency, not in actually seeing his agency do its job.

    His investigation into Trump is going to be oriented toward clearing the FBI of all wrong.

    (Edit: I read that article you linked, and it re-boiled my blood. Yeah, there was some question as to whether the CIA was being too tough on prisoners. They knocked Abu Zubayda’s eye out “accidentally” Where’s Hammurabbi’s code when you need it?)

  2. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    They knocked Abu Zubayda’s eye out “accidentally”


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    Yeah. You gotta do your own research on that one. It’s all classified. But he had 2 eyes before they started interrogating him, and now he has 1. Some versions are that he was wounded when captured and just sort of lost it (maybe it rolled under the refrigerator or something) other versions are that he didn’t get proper medical care and it got infected and THEN he got proper medical care etc.

    Zubaydah has been offering to testify about what the CIA did to him without immunity but for some reason the court doesn’t want to hear it.

    Here’s a starting point:

    Mueller’s FBI stood by with their arms crossed, hiding behind a bureaucratic blame-shift. Conspiracy to torture. It’s a capital crime under US law. That’s who’s investigating Trump.

  4. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    Thanks Marcus. As always, I need to constantly lower my expectations. Also as always, I am impressed with how informed that you are about such things.

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    The sad part is that what we know is almost certainly the least of it. They also waterboarded Zubaydah until they were afraid they had killed him, and it sounds like there was some panic about getting him breathing again. I.e.: they didn’t just threaten him with death (one of the standards for torture) they actually killed him, then brought him back. They also waterboarded Khalid Shayk Mohammed 84 times or something like that – it wasn’t that he was holding back intelligence, they were just being nasty.

    I’m glad you’re impressed but that’s not my intent. I read a lot of weird stuff in weird places and some of it sticks in my mind. I was blessed/cursed with an insatiable curiousity, so when I see something I almost always wind up researching it to some degree or another. I started tracking the US’ torture activities after 9/11 when an old cold warrior I used to know, who worked for the CIA, Vietnam vet, special forces, phoenix program – he dropped off the radar screen for a couple years. When they started reactivating guys like him, I knew some truly horrible stuff was about to go down. And it did.

    It’s tough when you’re blogging and you’ve got stuff you want to refer to that sounds like it’s straight out of a conspiracy theory. So I keep tidbits of information all over the place – it’s better to tell someone “you gotta do your own research on that” sometimes.

  6. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    If ever there was a need for a (properly conducted) witch hunt, a witch hunt for people who tortured, and who enabled and covered-up the torture, it is now. I want to get them all, and throw the book at them.