Independence Day: Resurgence

Very mild spoiler

We went to see it monday night, so we could laugh at it and be amazed by the special effects.

The special effects did not disappoint, though pretty much everything else did. As in the first movie, we see star-hopping civilizations that build massive warships but have no ability to think about failure modes if those warships are attacked.

Mild spoiler #1: the aliens have not yet upgraded to Windows 10. Fortunately, this time, it doesn’t matter.

Mild spoiler #2: at one point there are two male stereotypical scientisty-types who are cornered in a lab and one of them grabs a gun and manages to liquify a couple of the aliens. The two scientisty-types stare at eachother for a long moment then one of them says something stupid and forgettable like “that’s how it’s done” and the scene ends. Instead, we believe that they should have lip-locked in a passionate kiss, happy to be alive, and declaring their love for eachother. That would have been awesome.

Better luck next time, hollywood.