Warning: Jesus Appearances

According to New Testament scholar Jeremiah Johnston, who allegedly spent 6 years working on a book entitled “Unanswered (Lasting Truth for Trending Questions)” interviewed in Christian Post:

“Jesus is appearing to Muslims all over the Middle Eastern world,” he told The Christian Post. The Bible scholar, who wrote a forthcoming book on the Islamic State terror group, admitted “that makes some believers uncomfortable — you know, Jesus appearing to someone. I remind them, ‘have you read Acts Chapter 9 recently? Who did Jesus appear to while he was on the road to Damascus? Saul of Tarsus.’ We don’t need to put God in a box. Believe you me, God can work apart from us.”

I didn’t realize that toast, waffles, and moldy carpet were so popular in the middle east. Or perhaps Jesus is appearing in mud puddles or other unusual places.


Joking aside, let me say what I really hate about this. There are lots of things: First off, that stupid article appeared on my google news. That’s such a poor article it ought not to get coughed up on the internet until I’m getting close to finishing reading it all. Secondly, the credulous tone of the Christian Post is really painful to see. I’m not expecting a kind of spanish inquisition from whoever interviewed him, but basically they print everything he said as if it’s flat-out fact; there isn’t even a pretense to skepticism or concern with – you know – reality.

The pastor is not at all surprised by God’s miraculous move within persecuted churches, recalling a visit to China where he met with a Christian missionary. The missionary and affiliated Christian churches practiced their faith in that country much like persecuted churches did in the book of Acts. In Communist China, many Christians, if they wanted their churches to survive, had to go underground.

In fairness, the Chinese had a bit of problems with Christian missionaries. That problem was called the Taiping Rebellion and it resulted in 20-30 million dead. Somehow when he’s talking about churches “going underground” I don’t think he means 6′ deep. Of course the rebellion was only ostensibly christian, and most “real” christians would look askance at the “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement”  Let’s hope jesus doesn’t have anything like that in store for the middle east. Appearances of jesus are a bad omen for everyone involved.

But we don’t need to look hard to tell what’s going on: the pastor’s got a book he’s selling. And he made sure to let us know that he has another book (purporting to explain ISIS) on the way. Oh, and if you look on the publisher’s site you’ll discover that the good pastor is available to come do public speaking. Supposedly he spent 6 years on “Unanswered” – I hope the quality of his book on ISIS doesn’t suffer because he’s rushing to publish it.

Why do so many apologists just jump right in and start lying as soon as they begin making noises? Does anyone really think that the pastor spent 6 years writing what appears to be a thin bowl of gruel? Maybe the pastor spent 6 years travelling around eating good food and touristing, then came home and banged out this whacking great 220 page monster? I see it has a recommendation by none other than Lee Strobel, and lots of great reviews on Amazon. So it must be true.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    Jeremiah Johnston brings up Acts chapter 9, so let’s take a closer look at the story of Paul’s conversion in that chapter:

    In Acts chapter 9,
    Paul fell to the ground
    The men travelling with him were struck speechless.
    They heard a voice
    But could see nothing.
    Paul went blind and was taken into Damascus.

    In Acts chapter 22,
    Paul fell to the ground
    The men travelling with him didn’t hear a voice
    But they did see the light.
    Paul went blind and was taken into Damascus.

    In Acts chapter 26,
    Paul fell to the ground.
    His companions also fell over.
    But no mention of what they did (or didn’t) see or hear.
    No mention either, of Paul going blind.
    Also the author of Acts says Paul went first to Damascus, then Jerusalem and finally to all of Judea.

    Meanwhile, back in Galatians chapter 1, the man himself tells a quite different story about his conversion. Paul says he was called to serve Jesus but there is no mention of either a light or a voice. He also contradicts Acts 26 when he says that he first went to Arabia, then to Damascus, and three years after that he went to Jerusalem.

  2. kestrel says

    ??? I have to say no. I don’t really think it took 6 years to write that. Sorry, Jeremiah Johnston!

    Love that Jesus appearance. I need to check – it is entirely possible that Jesus has appeared on some of my goats! Except with bigger feet!!

  3. says

    grumpyoldfart @#1: It is amazing when you read the bible in parallel, rather than linearly, isn’t it? It’s as if it’s a bunch of stuff a bunch of people made up without even getting their stories straight, or something!!

  4. says

    it is entirely possible that Jesus has appeared on some of my goats!

    If jesus appears on your goat in that manner, I’m sure people will fall down and worship it. Uh-oh.

  5. Nancy G. Fox says

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  6. Owlmirror says

    Holy Markov Chains!

    FWIW, Google finds no hits on “kzillionheriess”, so that string may have been generated uniquely for this posting. But it may take time for pages to be indexed; I guess checking again later may have different results.

  7. Owlmirror says

    @Marcus: I always figured that stuff like #5 was meant as spam probes — if this huge wall of text goes through, then later comments that include links and SEO keywords will be pushed as followup (or were there links in there that you already stripped out?).

    It occurs to me that you could rot13 the whole thing to mess with later searchability, and wrap it with some javascript to unrot13 it. Or maybe some other easily reversible filter (caesar/piglatin). Just a thought.