More Geek Than



Foot on the dancepad
Gunnin’ down BigBad
Playin arcade ports with a spacebar and trackpad
My hobbies aren’t hobbies
Galaxy of blue milk
Cosplay and comics and fanfics and filk
To the orbiting station
That’s no moon it’s a holodeck vacation

Itchy trigger finger
But i’m trusting the force
kill the targeting computer
I’m aiming for the ports
I’m past the future
It’s no two thousand and one
Mini robot with an app gonna get me done
While you’re at the bottom of the gravity well
Geeky Girls fly Alcubierre


Another game
addicted brain
this level’s driving me insane
Another bot
Another mod
A photoshop of General Zod

This update is shaky
The programmers are nuts
Cuz they’re drinking free caffeine with no healthcare until they bust

never-ending overtime
you code around the clock
you won’t make it seven years
til YOU run amok

Devs are burning through programmers like we’re running out of style
CEOs are getting paid
So it’s worth THEIR while

The fans are throwing fits on all official fora
Cuz the game just calls it quits or says Talas is from Andorra
The Rabid Puppies riot, say the Hugo’s in the tank
But NK Jemisin is laughin to the bank


More. Geek. Than Fortran.
More. Geek. Than Fortran.

Ain’t seen the stars since we went to warp
Been so long, now Tasha Yar is Worf!

Programmed my own enhancements
in C + +
but a bug is overflowin’
the data bus
like untested nested code
I’m very unstable
I repeat things line by line until I’m unable
I repeat things line by line until I’m unable
If report then else next line until I drop tables

Step off Borg
Get out of my way
Got my Raspberry Pi from NewEgg today!
Waking up
Before I get to sleep
‘Cause Imma soldering circuits eight days a week!


More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!

More. Geek. Than Fortnite.
More. Geek. Than Tetris.
More. Geek. Than Zelda.
More. Geek. Than Unix.

More. Geek. Then Fortran!


The context doesn’t matter

It is said that there are times we laugh because we dare not weep. The times right now are shockingly serious, though as serious as all this is, there’s plenty that Trump gives us to laugh at. So here I’m going to share a quote from today’s public appearance by Hair Furor. Trump actually said this, as part of some press-conference answer that he thought would actually help him. Of course, the context doesn’t even matter. This is just for the lulz:

Yesterday somebody asked me a question and I gave an answer, but always in the form of corruption.


Unintentional Humor: Codeword Trump

From an article on Raw Story, we get this information about the phone call from Trump to Zelenskyy:

A former Trump administration official has confirmed to Politico that White House did place transcripts into the codeword system.

After Trump made false claims about his conversations with Mexican and Australian leaders in 2017, someone from the White House leaked the official transcripts. After that was when the White House took the unusual step to block anyone from having access to the call transcripts, according to the former Trump official.

“I don’t think the person who leaked those was ever really discovered,” the former official told Politico. “So there was a decision to tighten the restrictions for those who had access to those transcripts.”

According to another former Trump National Security Official cited by Politico, “it would be unusual to put transcripts in the code word system.”

But according to the whistleblower, senior White House officials intervened to “‘lockdown’ all records” to try and get them out of the general access to anyone in the White House. They did so because “of the likelihood, in the officials’ retelling, that they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain,” the whistleblower claimed.

… wait for it …

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For Your Enjoyment: How do you solve a problem like The Donald?

Apropos of nothing, I happened to dash this off today:

He’s got a favorite word, it’s “Me!”
His list of values starts with Greed.
He grabs any woman’s ass
Thinks gold leaf equals class
And underneath his toupee
you’ll find half an idea per day
He loves the bible so much he made a golden calf!

He never shows up for briefings
His intellect is surreal
He’s always insulting or grifting
Save when you bring the child his Happy Meal™!

I hate to have to say it
But I very firmly feel
The Donald’s not an asset to the world…

Gorka and Miller still think he’s good,
and looks fine in a starched white hood!

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AI Sportsball: Release the Kraken!

One or both of my readers my remember my long time fondness for the work of Dr. Janelle Shane, an optical physicist who delights in exploring the capabilities and limitations of neural networks – computer systems that attempt to identify what certain words or images have in common and then generate novel members of the inferred set. While she has used neural networks for many delightful things, this week she has literally used it to release the Kraken!

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Feminist Perversions: Sea Shanty Edition

Right then. A little while back Cat Mara on WeHuntedTheMammoth came up with the idea of WHTM-themed sea shanties:

[W]hat would a blog’s comment section be but a mutual admiration society? Why else would people come here and leave comments if they didn’t like the other people doing so? One could just lurk, or read the articles posted on the main page passively through an RSS reader. It’s not the Army. We didn’t enlist; we weren’t pressganged…

At least I wasn’t. If David approached any of you in a seedy waterfront bar and said, “aaar, I be formin’ a blog and be in need of trusty hands to work the bilge in the comments, will ye take me shilling?” you’d tell me, right? Are there shanties? Tell me there are shanties!

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