A creation website is good for something? Who knew?

While seeking general sea pen photos with which to mock Marine Le Pen, I ran into this lovely photo of a sea pen all dressed up for today’s Pride celebrations in NY and other various locations:

Multi colored sea pen, with mostly purple around the rim and generous yellows & sky blues along the stalks. Other colors sneak in here & there.

Le Pen Marin(e), decked out for NY & SF Pride, or maybe in other areas it’s just ready for the local library’s Drag Queen Story Hour.

What really knocked me out is that the image comes from a creationist website. I SWEAR I ONLY READ IT FOR THE PHOTOS. Happy Pride ya perverts!



  1. blf says

    khms@1, Easily found at a Polish(?) cretinist site, which seems to be a translation of a well-known(?) USAian(?) cretinist site. I used the “Use All Search Engines” option of the Search by Image add-on for Firefox. Generalisimo Google didn’t seem to find the cretinist sites, but one or more were found by some of the other search engines.

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