Dispatches from the Heat Front

It’s not just humans suffering in the heat. My laptop’s fan had been working since I opened the damn thing up. The whole aluminum enclosure was baking. The poor thing was on the bitter edge of terminal heat shock.

So, hoping I was in time, I put it in the shower and rained cold water down upon it. Sadly, I must have been too late because now the thing won’t turn on at all.

Let this be a lesson to you: address your computer’s overheating issues early, before it’s too late.


  1. StonedRanger says

    Its so damned hot in portland I feel the same way as your computer, except I seem to keep going after a cooling shower. Only having a small AC in the bedroom sucks. On a good note, I have not melted yet. Stay cool people. One more day of this crap.

  2. says

    Stay safe!
    Here’s some low budget heat tips:
    A bucket of water for your feet
    Put a damp towel over a fan/in front of the open window at night
    Don’t drink ice cold liquids, they’ll make you hot. There’s a reason people in the Maghreb drink tea and coffee
    Use a sheets instead of a blanket

    In winter, people were sharing tips or folks in Texas to stay warm, now they’re sharing tips for people to stay cool. And while the 40s are considered extreme here, too, I’m more or less regularly dealing with both ends of that scale. The thing the USA needs to do and will absolutely not do is invest in insulation. Instead people will use more heating /AC*, damaging climate even further.
    * I don’t blame them, it’s a structural problem, not an individual failure

  3. says

    If your laptop is more than two years old, *clean the inside*.
    Laptops generally have heat pipes running from the CPU and GPU to the side of the enclosure, where they have a “radiator” that’s cooled by a small fan.

    I’ve seen laptops die because the radiators and fans were so dirty that they couldn’t pump enough air to cool them.

    Take off the back enclosure, and clean the radiator and fan. Use a spray can of clean air if you have it, or a q-tip with some ethanol or isopropanol. Probably best not to use a vacuum cleaner because of static.

  4. marner says

    107 and still getting hotter here. Glad this is a “go into the office day”. Also nice for my dog, Zoe, since she can come to work with me.

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