TRUMP DEFEATS COVID… or something (updated)

So this must have been in the works for a good while, but apparently hit the White House Gift Store this week:

A snapshot of the White House Gift Store’s ad for the limited edition ‘Trump Defeats COVID-19″ commemorative coin. Uh-oh.

Yes, you read that right. The week Trump ends up hospitalized with COVID-19 is the same week the official – yes, official! – White House Gift Shop began taking pre-orders for his commemorative, “I’m so macho I shot the coronavirus to death with bleach bullets” coin. 2020 has been fucking with us for a while now, but this one certainly seems over the top even for 2020.

On a separate note,

  1. Why is the gift shop producing and / or selling things that seem more appropriate to the re-election campaign?
  2. “Historic Moments In History”? Really? Trump hires the best people, for sure.

FYI: Although it’s the same official gift shop as created by Truman, it is operated privately, not by government officials:


  1. lumipuna says

    I’m slightly curious on how the theme “Trump defeats covid” is expressed in this fake coin. Or the symbolic account of his entire first term, for that matter.

    The word “icons” makes me imagine someone actually painted a series of icons in Eastern Orthodox style, depicting the key themes of Trump’s presidency. For example, him being blessed by St. Vladimir of Moscow here in Helsinki in July 2018.

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