Hand washing getting repetitive?

Now you have instant options! The website “Wash Your Lyrics” will generate a poster copied from the NHS but with the lyrics to the song of your choice – automatically, no typing of lyrics whatsoever. Input the song name and artist & away you go! My first creation was based on Bikini Kill’s Tony Randall, off the album Reject All American. This is how it came out:

My hand washing song.

It came out almost perfect. The cadence of the song really best puts “spit out” on the next panel to the right, with “another picture” and then shifts “of a” to the right one panel as well. But after that it recovers nicely for the perfect conclusion. I was actually surprised at how well the program did.

You can, of course, also create your own lyrics, because the website is just that cool. Try a new song every day, and you’ll never get bored.

Bonus poster, because of course I did:



Apparently it doesn’t really know how to handle spoken introductions very well…

Double bonus, just for today:

I don’t like mondays, by the Boomtown Rats as a hand washing poster


  1. Sean Boyd says

    I got very familiar with these handwashing routines taking care of my dad during his last few years of life. I was taught to perform catheterization, which required a LOT of handwashing, as one might imagine. Teaching people this process should be damned near mandatory…if nothing else, it makes the 20 second target a natural one.

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