Privileged Explained: I’m Tiny Because You’re White

So, I recently was introduced to Reductress, a really good (though not quite great) website that reads a lot like what you’d get if Bitch & BUST formed a joint venture to take over The Onion. Like Bitch and BUST, it’s often focussed a bit too much on popular culture than I’d prefer, but its satires of Cosmo-style sex tips are completely brilliant. When it steps away from those, it has more potential to embed meaningful, educational commentary in its satire, but it also falls down a bit more often.

One piece that didn’t fall down, was this one about class privilege. But that assumes you know what privilege is. It’s another piece that really nails a basic explanation of the concept of privilege in the midst of a beautiful bit of satire-as-education. That piece is titled I’m Not Tiny Because I’m Asian, I’m Tiny Because You’re White.

You see, with 4.3 billion Asians accounting for 60% of the world’s population, our median size is the norm and you’re all deviating from it. Americans choose to see us foreigners as small instead of stereotyping themselves as huge.

Seriously, the scientific reason I’m tiny has nothing to do with my race. You see me as “so tiny!” in comparison to you, but you’re actually the one who’s gigantic compared to me. Whoa! Mind-blowing stuff, huh?

It’s not as funny as some other articles, at least to me, but part of that might be that privilege is an old concept to me. In any case, it’s a great piece of fundamental education and serves as a great excuse to make your way over to Reductress for such classics as New Positions To Not Orgasm In:

Tax Season

Role-playing is a great way to add intrigue to any committed relationship. This particular setup has your man playing the clueless client to your stern, knowledgeable accountant. Have him lie helplessly on a table as you crawl on top of him with your laptop open to TurboTax. Rock back and forth until he comes and you finally figure out how to claim a dependent without having to build a whole new profile. Hawt!

Wait til you read The Cow.


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