A Paleontologist Gets ‘Off The Hook’ Excited

Paul Selden, a paleontologist with enthusiasm for ancient arthropods, went crazy discussing spider/acarine interactions that helped him interpret a new find in which a spider-silk wrapped tick was found in Burmese amber:

“Just last year, I was on a field trip in Estonia and took a photo of a Steatoda spider wrapping up a red spider mite,” said Selden. “That was serendipitous.”

Ooh, baby: talk academic to me.



  1. mountainbob says

    Excellent! The questions scientists ask, and the answers they discover are a constant source of joy and wonder to me! They give me hope for the future of our species.

  2. fledanow says

    My dad was a scientist. Hanging around with scientists is such fun because there’s always someone who is doing the coolest things or who knows the most fascinating stuff or who has just come back from the most interesting places.

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