One-stop shopping

I have an Etsy store. I opened it around the time of the Volvox wall art giveaway, and I’ll be the first to admit that it has a limited selection. Exclusive, you might say.

But I can promise you this: it is the world’s foremost source for micrographs of Volvox aureus printed on canvas. It is truly one-stop shopping if the only thing you need is micrographs of Volvox aureus printed on canvas (what else could you need?). If you are in the market for micrographs of Volvox aureus printed on canvas, you need look no further. Unless you can convince Piotr or Katrin to give up theirs, it is probably the only source for micrographs of Volvox aureus printed on canvas.

Volvox aureus

Volvox aureus by me

I have six of these left, and I plan to keep one for myself. They really do look good; it’s a lovely photo (if I do say), an integrated z-stack so most of it is in focus, and the color balance came out perfect. If I sell the other five, I plan to make some more Volvox products; right now I’m thinking a set of mugs. So if you want one of these, and you want to see what else I come up with, head over to the Fierce Roller Etsy store.

What is it the commercials are always screaming? Don’t delay! Get yours while supplies last! Don’t worry; I’m not going to repeat my phone number six times.


Framed and ready to hang.

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