Volvox is a popular name!

DJ Volvox, Austria

Another DJ Volvox

Zach Grochau-Wright, a Ph.D. student in Rick Michod’s lab, sent me a few instances of “Random things named Volvox“. I hadn’t heard of any of these:

Hi Matt,

I ended up falling down a rabbit hole today of finding multiple different things/artists named Volvox that seemingly have nothing to do with green algae. It started with accidentally discovering there is a Canadian death metal band called Mitochondrion because they happened to be mentioned in an article I was reading about a Canadian power metal band I really like (Unleash the Archers, they’re super awesome if you like epic power metal). That reminded me of DJ Volvox and so I got curious if she was on Spotify (doesn’t seem to be…) which ended up with me discovering some more Volvox things you may not be aware of but thought you might be interested in (I know you’ve posted on DJ Volvox, a Volvox boat, and a Volvox art gallery before).

There’s a pretty good sorta jazzy-rock band called Volvox. They have an album, also called Volvox on Spotify and available from Amazon but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything more about them, I actually like their music quite a bit.

There’s also a science themed Volvox DJ from Austria which means there are apparently both US and European DJ Volvoxs!

Also, there apparently used to be a Turkish hard rock/heavy metalVolvox band.

There was also a very weird, I would say “sound band”? from Melbourne, Australia. I really can’t think of what genre of music this would fall into. They’re also on Spotify too, mixed in with the first two Volvox groups I mentioned above (I think). Given that these are obscure and in some cases no longer together bands it’s not surprising Spotify is mixing them up with each other….

Finally, there is also apparently a brand of paint called Volvox.

Anyway, hope some of these were new and interesting to you.



Volvox death metal

Volvox the metal band.

Volvox paint

Volvox paint: “A paint that doesn’t smell, you can work or sleep in the very same room that was just painted.”

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