Volvox Esskultur

I promised I’d report on Volvox Esskultur, a restaurant in Würzburg, Germany, and now my scout has reported back. Former postdoc Katrin Schmidt, now at the University of Washington, visited recently and gave me the lowdown:

Hi Matt,

we managed to go to the Volvox Restaurant in Wuerzburg. It’s a rather small place with a menu that changes every week. It has a more Pub atmosphere and a limited menu. I asked about the owner and he named the place Volvox because of its importance for the origin of complex life.

All the best from Seattle,


Volvox Esskultur
I asked if she liked it:
Yes I did. I would say it’s a typical student cafe. They are only open over lunch and pretty central. Prices are good too and I like the changing menu.
I’d be willing to bet she was the only person there with a Volvox 2017 t-shirt (maybe ever!).
Volvox Esskultur

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