100,000 page views!

It has been just over three years since I joined Freethought Blogs, and my total page views just passed 100,000. I know this is small potatoes in internet terms (for example Uncommon Descent gets ~10x that many each year*), but it has been a bit of work, and I’m proud of it.

Page views

Who knows, maybe among those hundred thousand, a seed has been planted that will eventually lead someone to decide to study Volvox, or to go to the Volvox meeting, or that all known life descends from a common ancestor, or that Cuba never had a magical sound gun. Hopefully someone at least learned something they didn’t previously know (I certainly did).

I’m happy to see that my audience is global, with at least one view from 157 countries:

Page view map

Hello, French Polynesia!


* But of course I am Goliath to the DI’s Davids


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