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Volvox is a popular name. Add to the list of non-Chlorophyte uses Atelier Volvox (“Volvox Workshop”), a design studio in Switzerland. They seem to sell mainly accents and small furniture, such as Brüderchen:


Brüderchen by Sophie Liechti. The function of a Mute Servant is to accept clothes and keep them ready for the next use. But who wants a servant in the bedroom? With a little brother you invite a friend, a little deer, who brings in a room the clarity of design and the magic of a fairy tale. Bruderchen is made by hand from solid walnut or ash. Two end pieces made of brass serve as a place to hang hangers.

Please forgive my Google translation. 640 Swiss Francs (about the same in dollars) seems a bit steep to me, but what do I know; I’m still sitting in my Poäng. Not everything is that expensive…the Kerzenständer is only 39 Francs:


Kerzenständer by Lea Gerber, Sophie Liechti.

Okay, I thought that was for the set. It’s just the smallest one. The whole set would run you 137 Francs. So Atelier Volvox is not for plebs like me. Nice stuff, though. They do need a better picture of Volvox for their logo; maybe I’ll offer them one.

So for the record, here’s the list to date:

I don’t see a lot of Caenorhabditis studios. But then, there’s no Volvox plush toy or notepad, at least not on Amazon. Injustice!

EDIT: Changed the title because I realized “Volvox workshop” might be interpreted as a small scientific conference (2017-11-15).


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