Well, don’t I feel silly

I’ve been blogging for something like a year and a half, and I just now figured out that I can use html tags in post titles. Sunday, November 20, 2016 marks the end of the Era of Non-Italicized Genus and Species Names.


    • Matthew Herron says

      I’m not sure what happened there; I can’t find any previous comments. I’ve set it up so that I have to approve a person’s first comment, but after that they can comment away. Now that I’ve approved one of yours, hopefully you won’t have any further problems.

      • says

        Although, the way this blog is structured, “free thought” is very rare too see on this site.

        I champion freedom and equality above all else, and it would appear that many blog writers on this site seem to disagree with me, and after writing proper and respectful comments, they simply ban me from commenting on any of their posts. I was drawn to this site for it’s freedom of thought and the discussion of ideas and topics, but I was wrong.6

        • Matthew Herron says

          I’m assuming that by ‘this site’ you mean Freethought Blogs in general, not Fierce Roller in particular. I’ve never blocked a comment that wasn’t straight-up spam. Note that that’s not a promise that I never will; I’m small potatoes, and so I’ve never (so far) had the kinds of troll problems that people like PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson have to deal with.

          • says

            I just have a habit of pointing out hypocrisy.

            Like bloggers say things along the lines of, “there is no respect for the voice of the minorities.” and then they go and disrespect the voice of the majority, and as a part of the majority, being a “white cis male,” I just like to point out that equality means everyone is respected, and that even if I do not agree with what they say, I will defend to the death their right for them to say whatever they choose to.

            And then I get banned, I didn’t know the stance of Voltaire was so frowned upon on this site.

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