Self care Saturday, Dec 31: Vengeance Meow


Also party responsibly and stuff. I’m guessing tensions will be at the usual big gatherings in your local cities so maybe consider doing something smaller.

Don’t pressure yourself with New Year’s Resolution bullshit.



  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    If the kitteh doesn’t meow in the middle of the night, how will you know she’s horking up a hairball on the wool carpet?

  2. AlexanderZ says

    Sorry, but that’s an assholish thing to do to a cat. Spooking animals like that is pointless (the cat has no idea what the guy is talking about), cruel and potentially harmful for their health.

  3. Lofty says

    cruel and potentially harmful for their health.

    Not All Cats. Our tortoiseshell, if you spook it, just sits there and gives you the WTF glare then goes right back to what it was doing. A very hard cat to upset. Old grey-and-white, on the other hand…. but has got to 17yo in good health despite being an almost permanent nervous wreck. I’m sure kitty in the vid had a good smooch session afterwards.