North Carolinian Republicans: Haha, jk, we weren’t repealing HB2

Covering this presents a challenge, dear readers, because I cannot possibly scrape deep enough into the lexicon of my loathing to adequately capture my response. If you could connect to my brain directly, it would simply be white hot pain manifesting behind your eyeballs with a backdrop of millions of fingernails dragged across millions of blackboards amplified through a megaphone.

What makes this different is that it isn’t merely the standard legislative process being used to beat queer and trans people into oblivion. This is a special kind of psychopathy, the kind that could only be treated with the judicious application of an aluminum baseball bat.

To recap, Governor Roy Cooper campaigned on a promise to repeal HB2, citing the law’s punitive nature against trans folk simply for existing as well as the implications for discrimination against cisgender gay folks. Despite the fact that North Carolina seems to have voted for Cooper at least in part on his promise to do this (despite the dirty dealing and breathless histrionics we could only expect of a party so unprincipled they couldn’t find the backbone to do anything about Cheetolini), North Carolinian Republicans have decided that they know better than their own electorate.

In an apparent deal to see HB2 repealed, Cooper coordinated with the city Charlotte to see its nondiscrimination ordinances, which included protections for trans folk, repealed. Shortly after Charlotte foolishly expected honour from the same party that just foisted a god damn serial rapist into the White House, a special session was called to repeal HB2.

Except that HB2 wasn’t fucking repealed. 

The bill they’ve filed (SB4) does repeal HB2, including its restrictions mandating what bathrooms transgender people may use. However, it also creates a “Six-Month Cooling-Off Period,” in which no municipality in the state may pass any laws related to employment or public accommodations, specifically noting “access to restrooms, showers, or changing facilities.”

Meaning even if HB2 is finally put to death like the savage fucking mistake that it is, its consequences would persist for another six months. Then, North Carolinian Democrats, having said “wait a second, that’s not part of the deal,” torpedoed SB4. Meaning HB2 is still alive, if in spastic death throes.

Then these same fucking twits tried to set up Cooper for not adhering to his campaign promises!

So twice before the election Roy Cooper kills a repeal/Repeal Deal. Now after being against a repeal deal, after the election he was for it. Now he is against it again because the repeal simply has teeth, to make sure our “long national Nightmare is over.”

It is clear Coopers only motivation here is political, first last and always. And the people of North Carolina who support repeal should know Cooper sold them down the river with a wink and a nod, to radical leftists who were waiting for the repeal and start this destructive fight all over.


It gets better.

The Senate–holy fuck, don’t you love the Senate?–proposed an amendment to the bill that would EXTEND the motherfucking moratorium until the end of 2017.

I’m a writer, and I don’t have words. I would not permit these Republicans to lick the mud off my boots. Duplicitous, cowardly sacks of shit who have no qualms turning queer and trans people into political football for your asinine political fucking theatre. Fuck. Every. Single. One of you.

It’s time the football kicked back.


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  1. johnson catman says

    Of course the fucking republicans blame “the left”. They are Lucy with the football. They can never be wrong. They truly deserve the full force of your aluminum bat. I can only hope that the gerrymandered districts that will be redrawn next year have some effect on the stranglehold these authoritarians have.

  2. samihawkins says

    I should be angry about this, but honestly I’m just depressed. This is gonna be the next four years, probably eight. The GOP quite correctly saw the election as a display of public approval for bigotry and discrimination so they’re gonna push harder than ever to take away our rights. At the same time the left-wingers are gonna be piss scared and afraid to actually stand up for us. Hell post-election many of them are openly blaming us and our focus on ’boutique issues’ for Trump’s victory* and arguing we should be abandoned to focus instead on the ‘real’** issues.

    Trans rights are dead in the US and I doubt they’ll ever be revived.

    *I’ve noticed that most of these people are the same ones who spent the entire election relentlessly bashing Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President, arguing Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President was just as bad as Trump, accusing anyone who unapologetically supported Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President of being a traitor to progressivism, and generally doing anything they could to attack Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President and drag down the Democratic turnout she needed to win the election, but it’s in no way their fault Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President lost. Clearly it’s the fault of Our Only Chance To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President for being a bad candidate and a fault of all her uppity female/minority supporters for distracting everyone from the real issues with their whining.

    **By total coincidence the ‘real’ issues are the ones which affect straight white cis dudes while every single issue that doesn’t personally affect them is by total coincidence one of those ‘distractions’ that the Democrats need to abandon.

  3. Siobhan says


    Yep. The willingness of milquetoast liberals to jump ship on the protections of minorities is the single greatest reason my Marxist streak has been burning red hot lately.

  4. Greta Samsa says

    I refer to the NC Republicans, of course.
    The voting records are quite reliable. They really ought to be charged with manslaughter at least, though they’d need to be delusional not to expect the harm they caused.