BREAKING NEWS: Pandemic across the USA of Dunning-Kruger disease

The Science Post reports:

“We regret to announce that all 50 states are now reporting several cases of DKD” said CDC epidemiologist Mark Webber. “DKD is characterized as expressing or believing that one has vast and expert knowledge in a subject which they actually do not. It most often presents in the fields of medicine and science.”

There is currently no known cure for DKD, but scientists are hopeful with more education and isolation, it can be contained.

“We haven’t seen this level of DKD since Jenny McCarthy started spreading her vaccine causes autism bullshit” said Webber. “I fear the DKD level will continue to rise as more and more people with DKD have access to the internet, as well as there being several celebrities with the disease.”

Some say the worst part of DKD is that the carriers have no idea they are infected, nor how easily they can spread it to others.

Efforts by the CDC to combat this problem to follow. There are also early signs of it spreading up here in Canuckistan, though Health Canada has so far contained it to the Toronto area.



  1. DanDare says

    Those scientists have no idea what they are talking about. They are just playing into the hands of Big Psychology.