Western transphobes want you to know how much better they are than Arabic transphobes

People.com commentators want you to know Muslims are alright as long as they’re discriminating against trans women.

Or–wait, no, they want you to know you’d be EXECUTED in Islam! You’re lucky you can be sent to prison for peeing in America or that one of the presidential candidates is representing the most rabidly anti-LGBT platform in the party’s history!

GiGi Gorgeous was denied entry to the United Arab Emirates because she is transgender.

So, what do these Western commentators do to demonstrate how much more civilized the West is? Why, up the ante on transphobia to demonstrate how much better we have it, obviously.


I do not understand gay people supporting transgenderism. Transgender
people are obviously mentally ill gay people who cannot come to terms
and deal with their sexual attraction to others of the same sex.

Clearly a mentally ill nut bag seeking attention. He’s lucky they didn’t cut it off FOR HIM and then kill him. These people are delusional and NAIVE in perpetrating these little tricks and poking these islamist whack jobs. They have been led to believe that their feeling matter to anybody but them. MORONS. Liberals are just so d@mned dumb.

He should have gone to Iran instead because transsexualism is not only accepted there it is encouraged as a form of gay conversion therapy.

should have stoned them stones. so sick and tired of this perverted agenda. Let God Burn Them, LGBT. and do it fast oh Lord our God. new TESTAMENT AND OLD says they should be killed. at least some countries have it right,. so tired of people promoting these pedophiles

Hey sugarbritches, you’re not in America when you travel to foreign countries. They don’t HAVE to treat you with the same rights you have here.

It’s lucky it didn’t get thrown off a rooftop.

people with morals are offended. once a pervert always a pervert. and the problem is these people are recruiters, not reproducers. they prey on young kids and young adults pre eighteen. these homos don’t give birth to other homos, they are made through the rape of innocent kids. every single homo has been molested and every single one of them if given the chance will molest another young child. thats the only way they can recruit. stone them stones.

This freak should have been beheaded, if anything, just for knowing better. This is what queers do.

They should have killed the damned thing, all degenerates deserve a violent death.


Man, aren’t I lucky they merely threaten to kill me.



  1. anat says

    Wow this is disgusting.

    BTW the whole ‘transgender people are gay people with internalized homophobia’ sounds totally ridiculous when many of the trans people I know describe their orientation as pansexual. Or how about those trans people who are attracted predominantly to members of their affirmed gender? But no, haters have to overgeneralize from a single case (which may be entirely imaginary in the first place).

  2. Katie Anderson says

    I’ve seen plenty of “they hang them in Iran” comments. They hate it when you point out that Iran actually has state-funded support for transitioning and carries out more reassignment surgeries than any country other than Thailand.

    Of course there are tons of negatives – the biggest seems to be that a significant number of them are gay men who had to make a choice between pretending to be straight or transitioning to a gender they don’t identify as in order for their relationships with men to be accepted. But there’s no need to bring that up when shutting down a ranting bigot’s argument.