Proud Atheist Mom Moment

We’ve been having some pretty harsh wind chill advisories the past few days so schools have been closed. Yesterday I took my daughter to work with me. I was facilitating an art group so I thought she would have fun painting.

My daughter and I are a lot alike. We look alike. Our personalities are alike (which isn’t always a good thing). At some point, our likeness came up in conversation during the group and my daughter said, “Mommy made me.” 

I said, “Well, dad helped.”

Then a group participant chimed in, “No, GOD made you!” I was a little stunned and there was a slight moment of silence. I didn’t know what to say to my daughter or the participant.

My daughter then very enthusiastically exclaimed, “NO, Mommy made me! I came out of her private parts!” To which another participant said, “She knows too much.”

First of all, yay for my daughter for not falling for the god stuff. My daughter will occasionally talk about god or Jesus because she saw something on YouTube or TikTok or the little girl next door said something, but lately, she’s been totally shooting it down.

Second of all, my daughter is seven; I don’t think that’s too young to know where babies come from.

I thought the interaction was pretty funny and just wanted to share. Do you have any proud atheist parent moments? 


  1. Katydid says

    It sounds like your daughter has completely age-appropriate knowledge of where babies come from. I notice that the “god-did-it” person completely erased your part in the whole business. Women are less than human to them, aren’t they?

    I don’t have any funny or cute stories about my kids growing up; a lot of our friends weren’t Christian so it simply never came up as a topic. Your daughter sounds adorable and good for her for being so outspoken!

  2. Matt G says

    Awesome on both fronts!

    I knew I was an atheist when I was about her age. My grandmothers made my brother and me say prayers before bed, but my parents didn’t. One night, I complained to my maternal grandmother about the prayers, and she said something about God. I said “but grandma, I don’t believe in God!” She shot back “yes you do!” It’s now fifty years later and I still don’t believe in God. I didn’t learn until I was in my teens that my parents had long since lost whatever supernatural beliefs they ever had.

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