Are my atheist memes and posts on Facebook annoying?

Do you share atheist memes/posts on Facebook?

I share them a lot and I wonder if people are just as annoyed with me as I am of people that share religious memes.

I am proud to be an atheist and for the first time in my life, I’m actually forthcoming and vocal about it. Does that make me an asshole?

I don’t really feel like I’m going to “convert” anyone to atheism so I don’t really know the motive behind my posts other than just revealing a bit about myself.

I definitely don’t want to debate anyone. 

What’s you take?


  1. Bruce says

    For Facebook or any other forum, I think one should ask oneself this: is it a forum where it is commonly accepted for people to post their opinions? If it seems to be such a spot, then there is no reason that your or my opinion should be discouraged.
    So if there are other people’s opinions there, why not yours?
    Now, if you’re posting in an area controlled by a church or a person who wants to and does remove all comments they don’t approve, then this may apply to yours too. But if church X allows comments from someone from religion Y, then they shouldn’t block religious-topic viewpoint Z, even if it is Buddhist or atheist, in my view, but perhaps not in their view. That question is whose space is it.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    I find all of Facebook annoying, which is why I don’t participate in any social media aside from this blog.
    You can post anything you like here though — I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

  3. says

    I post jokes about religion (e.g. easter / cheezus / six more weeks of quarantine) and the religious people I know either laugh along with it or say nothing, and many of them are in Canada or other countries where xianity is still popular. They’re secure enough in their beliefs that they don’t flip out and label humour as “blasphemy” or “offensive”. Then again, I don’t repost every religious joke I see (e.g. cheezus pole dancing on the cross saying “where them dollars?”). I’m willing to laugh in private and not subject people I care about.

    That’s not to say I hesitate mocking and antagonizing fanatics, they’re fair game (though not in the $cientology sense). Most of the hate mail I get comes from smokers, TERFs, ammosexuals, MRA/incel types and rightwingnuts in general.

  4. TGAP Dad says

    Since FaceBook has been so swamped by right-wing trolls and MAGA-heads, all of whom seemed drawn to me like flies to honey, that I downloaded all my content and deleted my account. I’ve been feeling SO much better since I took that step.

  5. StonedRanger says

    My late friend Harry used to say that one should never worry about what people think about you. Most people arent very good at thinking, and lots of people think things are true that arent. I dont have facebook. If I did I would probably be as annoying to people who send religious woo as they are to me. More power to you. We are pounded by religious garbage 24/7 on every media medium there is. They dont seem to mind if they force feed us their noise. Make as much noise right back as you think is appropriate.
    Dont be ashamed about being who you are, ever. Its probably a good thing I dont have facebook, I got enough not friends as it is.

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