The Art of Book Design: When Molly was Six

Eliza Orne White. When Molly was Six. Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1894.

This week’s children’s book isn’t a fairy tale, but it is full of charming stories about a young girl named Molly, whose birthday falls on New Years Day. There are 12 stories in all, one for each month, but there are only 2 illustrations, which is a shame because I rather like the loose simplicity of them.

page 58, Molly feeding the chickens, When Molly was Six.

page 82, Digging down to China, When Molly was Six.


via: The Library of Congress

The Art of Book Design: The Old House, and Other Stories.

Blanche Sellers Ortman. The Old House, and other stories. Chicago, The author, 1910.

The notes for this book state that only 500 copies of the book were privately printed for the author by Rand McNally Press. This makes the book rare, but probably not worth anything. If the stories were good, it wouldn’t have needed a “private” publication. It has a lovely and tasteful cover picture, though. I also like the gold font, but perhaps the family crest with Latin is a bit much.


via: The Library of Congress