Jack’s Walk

Little blue butterfly


Little blue butterfly with gossamer wings

For once my timing was good. This morning I was taking photos of our sedum turning pink and just as I had my camera ready, this little purple butterfly fluttered into frame and stayed long enough for me to take its picture. That almost never happens for me, mostly because of the impatient and snorfling dog by my side. Anyway, my photo of flowering sedum got an upgrade. I did quick search and I think it may be a female Eastern-Tailed blue butterfly.


  1. Nightjar says

    Yay for good timing, these are gorgeous! I love the little blues, especially when they are so kind as to open their beautiful wings.

  2. rq says

    Between you and Giliell, I feel pastel-saturated, and this is not a bad feeling at all.
    I am in love with the wing shading and colour patterns in the first picture. Marvellous!

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