Monday Mercurial: Medusa

During our holiday we took a boat trip around the harbour, with many jellyfish swimming around.

I can tell you, taking pictures was a “treat”. If they were close to us the boat would move fast and they’d be gone quickly, if the were further away the light broke too much on the surface for my angle.

Still, there were some nice ones.

Jellyfish in water

©Giliell, all rights reserved. Click for full size.



  1. kestrel says

    Haha. I named one of my jewelry pieces “Medusa” but it was after a poem by Eleanor Farjeon that started out: “From the blood of Medusa Pegasus sprang; his hoof upon heaven like melody rang” etc.

    That is a great photo, it is so hard to shoot things that are under water!! And I am not just guessing, here!

  2. Nightjar says

    Great shot, I love the colour of the water. Indeed it isn’t easy, I tried it myself this year with some floating cnidarian that was washing ashore, probably dying. My first reaction was to get the hell out of its way, the second reaction was to go grab the camera, but the waves made it especially difficult to catch. I think I got one decent shot, but it’s still in the memory card.

  3. rq says

    Just floating around. Waving fronds and tentacles in the wind… that is, the gentle currents…
    (We had a running joke in the friend group one summer, about dancing, where you have to do it “like seaweed in a windstorm”.)

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